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Aloysius founded Xchangeinfo Pte. Ltd. in 2013 providing financial solutions to SMEs. Cashflow and revenue is the most essential factor for SME for that one simple reason. Without proper finances, a company cannot maintain their overheads let alone growth and expansion.

A company without innovation is destined to doom. We have serve a lot of traditional and retail business owner who wanted so badly for a win-win exit especially when the Internet era took over. We constantly seek new products and strategies to help client growth their finances. These products and strategies are heavily tested before they are being pushed out to the market by us.

Old saying goes "never put all eggs in one basket". We learn the art of diversification and classifications. What is the proper proportion that should be allocated in each different asset classes.

Performance is the key to an investment however what is the use if it generated so much profit but withdrawal has an big issue? We value accountability that is why we want a local presence in Singapore to answer to our investors. As a broker to a brokerage, we will have the first hand information to be disseminated.

The market place can never saturated and this is why we choose to make our profit in Binary Options and Forex. There is no manufacturing, raw material or logistic risk to begin with and we can make money in good and bad times.

Why Invest With Us

In term of reviewing our investment products, we have a few strict fundamentals to assume their authenticity. By online reviews, regulation, trading strategy and experience with the broker we can determine if this is a legitimate fund house or an unscrupulous chop shop. That is why we invested heavily with our own assets to justify our cause.

Over the years we have built immersed relationship with our reliable brokerages and formed an international partnership to fortified our funds' security. We need to know what they are doing down to everyday trading strategy.

Needless to explain, a good strategy come with a good risk management. We only trade 5% of the group capital and twice to thrice a week. We are very strict with our trading goals and only enter when the time is right. Our traders are equipped with excellent fundamental knowledge, technical analysis and without emotions. These are the main secret to our high winning ratio.

Coming soon: we will have same day withdrawal (even Sunday and public holiday) for clients who want to withdraw their funds with a negligible fee.

Why Join Us

Sales Executive

  • You gain exposure to the financial and trading market
  • Full training provided and hand holding sales cycle
  • Full training provided and hand holding sales cycle
  • Promote investment products (Binary Options and Forex) from our partner company
  • Develop new clients from individual to SME
  • Understand client financial goal and provide professional advise
  • Plan sales strategy that cater to every different client
  • Maintain good relationship with the clients
  • Minimum 'O' Level
  • Good basic salary with high commission and retainer
  • Good communication and interpersonal skill
  • Able to work with target and timeline
  • Able to generate leads from warm market and penetrate the cold market

Email resume to a@xchangeinfo.com or call us at 6809 5391 to enquire

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