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★★ 馬雲這席話倒不假 Jack Ma immutable Quote
世界一直變, 沒有人會在原地等你, 告訴您的孩子吧!
World is ever changing, no one will wait for you, please inform your kids!

打火機出現, 火柴消失。
When lighters appear, matches disappear.

計算機出現, 算盤消失。
When calculators invented, abacus vanishes!

CD出現, 錄音機消失。
When CD emerge, radio recorder totally lost.

數位相機出現, 膠卷底片市場沒了…
When digital camera appear, film roll perfectly gone!

消費者直購出現, 傳統市場生意萎縮了。
When consumers direct purchasing from vendors/manufacturers, traditional middlemen business contracting

智慧手機出現, 4G出現, 回家不用電腦了。
When smart phone invented, especially in 4G era, PC world end, hardly see someone use it at home!

微信, WhatsApp出現, 簡訊沒人要發了。
WeChat, WhatsApp emerge, nobody use SMS anymore!

並非誰奪走誰的生意, 而是人們更懂得接受 新事物!
It is not being someone intend to steal or destroy somebody business, instead, we must always prepare to accept new things/business/megatrend/thinking.

有人問馬雲, 你為什麼 那麼成功?
Someone ask Jack Ma, why are you so successful?

很簡單:《我在做、你在看!》很多人一生輸, 就輸在新事物。
A : very Simple! < I am doing, you are watching!> a lot of people always lose out, because they are always ignorance to new trend, instead of responding or actively counteracting!

看不見, 看不起, 看不懂, 來不及!
Mostly due to can't heed, always belittle others, don't want to understand, it will surely be TOO LATE and regrettably one day!

記住:世界一直在改變, 你不主動改變,終究會被世界改變,沒有人會一直的在原地等你!
Please remember: world is always changing. If you not take initiatives to change. Eventually, you will be changed! Nobody will wait for you at the same place!

When is it? Where will be the achievement?

Spend time to drink; You surely be a good drinker.

Spend time to grievance, you surely be an unhappy men/women.

Spend time on your face, one day will be a beauty.

Spend time on health building, you definitely will be healthy and longevity.

Spend time to be so particular and calculative, surely become a very difficult personality.

Spend time to learn, wisdom will be elevated within you.

Spend time on family, you will surely have a happiness family life with great companionship and admired by others.

Please convey this best quote to someone you really care for.
Good to see that.....

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