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10 Entrepreneurs Had Diverted From Their Childhood Dreams

[Image: 20161213225551-GettyImages-473284352.jpeg]

For many, the path to their job is winding, with a lot of stops, starts and detours along the way. For others, they saw what they wanted in their mind early on and always stayed on one track.
No matter where we are today or how we got there, all of us at one time has a childhood aspiration that probably informs some of what we do today.
Read on for what some of the most innovative founders wanted to be when they grew up.
1. Name: Merrill Stubbs

Company: Food52

Childhood dream: I really wanted to be a performer. I did a lot of acting and singing as a kid and teenager. I think I was pretty convinced for a while that was my destiny. But I don't think I had the backbone for the rejection that comes with that path. Ultimately when I was deciding between a conservatory as opposed to a liberal arts college, that's when I made that decision: to keep singing as something for fun rather than my career.
[Image: 20161213224700-20161014192254-phpyEFmgQ.jpeg]
2. Name: Kyle Hill

Company: HomeHero

Childhood dream: I think every young boy wants to be an athlete at some point in their life, and I grew up admiring Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. But my father is a professor, and he put in my head pretty early that the likelihood of being a professional athlete wasn't very high. I think he got me understanding that there were so many things to do in the world.

I always liked drawing, and I think being an architect is the idea I held onto the longest. One of the most exciting things I did as a kid was build a treehouse in the backyard. My dad just gave me free rein to do whatever I wanted with it. For me, building the treehouse was the most exciting part of having a treehouse, or even playing in it. That lends itself a lot to my personality now -- I love building things.
[Image: 20161213224749-20161207214936-unnamed.jpeg]
3. Name: Ryan Holmes

Company: Hootsuite

Childhood dream: I wanted to be a video game developer, but after high school, I decided to do the practical thing and study business in university. That turned out to be a mistake. I dropped out and opened a series of businesses, including a pizza joint, before finally getting back to what I originally loved, in a way, with Hootsuite.
[Image: 20161213224524-20160803175707-ryan-holme...suite.jpeg]
4. Name: Julia Hartz

Company: Eventbrite

Childhood dream: I wanted to work in television, and I did! I studied broadcast journalism at Pepperdine University. After a short career in television with MTV and later on at FX Network, I found my true calling in Eventbrite.

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