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12 Simple Ways to Promote Your Website
1. In your emails, develop a little mini- signature. I have something like the following on the bottom of my emails:

Senior Web Developer

I use a similar, but shortened, version of that signature on online forums I frequent. Anyone who has any online correspondence with me should have no trouble finding my website.

2. Naturally you can put more information on a website than you can in, say, an ad in the newspaper. But guess what? There are some people that will read the newspaper first and go to the Internet second. So use the newspaper ad to direct people to your website.

3. Of course, you should always carry a business card with you. Having your website address on your card is a must. Just like in your ad, there's much more room on your website for information than there is on your business card. And if you have pictures of yourself on the website, people who have forgotten exactly who you were will have their memory jogged.

4. Start a paper newsletter. Although there are printing costs and postage costs involved with a hard copy newsletter, it will spread the word about your website to people who are not otherwise online on a regular basis.

5. Start an email newsletter. Have a place on your website where people can sign up for the latest updates on your business. Just make sure that you include unsubscribe information as well.

6. Write articles in your field of expertise, and include a link to your website. Publish the articles to sites like and You can also use them to start a blog with advice for potential clients and customers.

7. Exchange links with related websites. Make sure that they are not directly competing with you but have the same target audience that you do. You can exchange text links or banner ads.

8. Submit your link to directories. If you have a vacation home in New Mexico, search the web for "vacation home New Mexico." Look through the first two pages of results and contact all the website owners that have sites listing multiple vacation homes in New Mexico. Give them the info about your vacation home and about your site, and see if they'll list it. Chances are, many of them will be happy to list it for free, because the more that they have listed, the more people will visit their site, too.

9. Find unusual ways to promote your website that are specific to your business. An arcade we do a website for prints their website address on their redemption tickets. Another client includes it in their monthly publication. Yet another has an infomercial.

10. Find popular blogs that are related to your website's subject. Frequently post feedback and be sure to include your website's address. Be sure that the feedback is genuine and useful, so it is not viewed as spamm

11. Write an ebook. You should be well versed in the topic of your website. Do what I did with this very book. Write an ebook on your subject of expertise. Publish it, allowing anyone to use and reproduce it, as long as they leave it unchanged. Make sure you have a few links to your website throughout the ebook.
Let everyone in your network know that the ebook is out and where they can download it. This ebook, for example, can be downloaded at http://www.GetASiteOnline. com, among other places.

12. Have a giveaway. Give something away that would be of value to visitors of your website. Then post information about your giveaway on various website, including

Remember, promote, promote, promote! The more links to your website that are out there, the more business you can get. Try to spend at least two hours a week promoting your website.
How come until now people still mention about giveaway? I mean what can be so important from your website people actually can take it back?

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