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13 Keywords To Quickly Secure Sales Closing
[Image: wolf-of-wall-street-21.jpg]

1) “You”
It makes prospects feel more “special.”

2) “Value”
Explain the real “value” of your product.

3) “And”
“And” sounds more inclusive than “but.”

4) “Do”
“Do” sounds better than “try” because it gives a sense of trustworthiness.

5) “Or”
It lets you offer multiple options. Who doesn’t like to have more options?

6) “Should we?”
Make a suggestion instead of telling them what to do.

7) “Consensus”
You have to have management support to move forward with your sales.

8) “Imagine”
Try to tell a story engaging your prospect so they can picture themselves with it.

9) “See; show; hear; tackle”
Use sensory language to grab their attention.

10) “Their name”
Calling by their first name is sales 101.

11) “Power words”
These words provoke strong feelings.

12) “Because”
Because it’s always good to hear a reason.

13) “Opportunity”
People want to learn how to fix their problems.

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