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15 Things You Should Do In 2017, JPMorgan

[Image: rtx2fhbx.jpg]

JPMorgan’s annual holiday reading list has been given an upgrade.

To mark the 10-year anniversary of the reading list, the US bank added on a few cultural and musical recommendations.
The bank is calling the list #nextlist2017, and it’s based on recommendations from JPMorgan advisors around the world.

The list is “your lens on the undiscovered and the intriguing—informative reads, new experiences and inspiring music selections,” according to the bank.
We’ve included a roundup of the recommendations along with a brief description in the slides that follow.
1. La Cité du Vin Museum

“Located in Bordeaux, France, La Cité du Vin Museum is a feast of the senses, a 10-story architectural marvel devoted to the history and culture of wine—complete with a five-language wine resource library. Through immersive settings and exhibitions for wine lovers (and more), La Cité du Vin Museum reveals the world of wine, and celebrates the ingenuity and craft of winemaking as integral to the fabric of history and life.”
[Image: la-cit-du-vin-museum.jpg]
2. Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812

“Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812 continues Broadway’s hot streak of blazingly original new musicals. Inspired by a 70-page slice of War and Peace, this rollicking story of romance and passion takes audiences back to Russia 1812, when war ripped people apart but also acted as a catalyst in the forging of tighter bonds. Featuring multi-platinum recording artist Josh Groban in his Broadway debut, Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812 fuses rock, pop, soul and electronic dance music into a thoroughly modern soundtrack that showcases master novelist Leo Tolstoy’s most enduring characters.”
[Image: natasha-pierre-and-the-great-comet-of-1812.jpg]
3. The Desert and the Cities Sing: Discovering Today’s Israel

“Few countries balance their extraordinary history and traditions with all the wonders and potential of the modern world better than Israel. The Desert and the Cities Sing takes advantage of several modern as well as ancient media formats to paint a portrait of a country that has given the world an endless number of ideas, artists and innovators. The unique box set from Lin Arison, Diana C. Stoll and Neil Folberg features four full-color books, 25 frameable photographs, four documentary films and much more.”
[Image: the-desert-and-the-cities-sing-discoveri...israel.jpg]
4. In Situ Restaurant

“In Situ embodies the altogether modern phenomenon of food as art and experience, serving not its own dishes, but instead acting as culinary curator. Located within the newly renovated and expanded San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, In Situ elevates the great chefs of the world to artist status through faithful and flawless replications of famous dishes. Every day, Master Chef Corey Lee expertly recreates recipes from famous kitchens around the world, transforming food into something sublime.”

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