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17 Holiday Home Based Business
Holiday season is here, what will you do in your free time? How about making time to do some holiday business that not only earn you money but kill your time as well.

  1. Sell Gift Baskets – Whether you are crafty, or just creative, you can create and sell ready-to-give gift baskets to busy shoppers.
  2. Sell Baked Goods – This is the seasons for cookies, pastries and fudge. You can sell baked goods to local businesses and individuals.
  3. Personal Shopper or Errand Service – Things get busy this time of year. Offer your services as a personal shopper or running those errands no one has time for.
  4. House Cleaning – Family get-togethers are on their way. Hosts will need their homes cleaned prior to guests arriving (and after).
  5. Catering or Personal Chef – If you don’t celebrate the holidays, or maybe your family gets together on “off days,” you could do the cooking for another family.
  6. Event Planning – Those holiday get-togethers won’t happen without all of the little details. You can plan the event, send the invitations, do the decorating, bring in food and take care of the cleanup.
  7. Holiday Decorating – Inside and outside, homes will need decorated. If you aren’t comfortable getting on a ladder to hang those lights, it’s a great time for a little bonding and money making with your spouse.
  8. Sending Holiday Cards – Who has time for this these days? Offer up your services to those who never have time to get those holiday cards sent.
  9. Write Thank Yous – Those that don’t have time to send holiday cards likely don’t have time to send thank you notes for those delivered seasonal gifts.
  10. Child Care – While the adults are out shopping and going to Christmas parties, someone needs to watch the kids.
  11. Pet Care – The holidays often mean travel. And, Fido isn’t always a welcome guest.
  12. Gift Wrapping – This can be a standalone service, or offered in conjunction with personal shopping.
  13. Gift Delivery – This can be a service offered for local delivery, or you can handle the shipping of long-distance gifts.
  14. Direct Sales Rep – This is always a busy, lucrative time of year for direct sales companies. If you are a party plan rep, start booking those gift-centred parties.
  15. Snow Shovelling – Need a home business that will last through the winter season? Snow shovelling it is.
  16. Sell Unique Gifts on Amazon – We have heard so much about the success being had on Amazon’s Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) platform. Now is a great time to cash in on that holiday traffic.
  17. Create Unique Greeting Cards or Marketing Materials – Put those Photoshop skills to use and earn a few extra bucks creating one-of-a-kind messages for individuals or businesses.
How do you promote your home based business?
For Singapore we can have more business during Chinese New Year - for example, CNY decoration with flower points and other ornaments.

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