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20 Reasons Why You Get Hired

[Image: 20161214175325-GettyImages-621283500.jpeg]

In a world of smartphones, convenience is everything.

When Postmates, an on-demand delivery service, launched in San Francisco in 2011, CEO Bastian Lehmann and his co-founders Sean Plaice and Sam Street saw a void in the availability of fast, efficient and cost-effective local delivery.
Lehmann was first inspired to start Postmates in 2005 when he moved from Munich to London and had forgotten to move his snowboard from his place in Munich to his parents' house, which was in Berlin.
After looking into various shipping options, he thought it would be interesting if there was a was a way to apply the concept of ride-sharing to shipping things. Lehmann says that the idea wasn't able to be realized until smartphones were introduced.
The company began as an app-delivery system for everything from flowers to furniture in the Bay Area, but today, the company has a presence in 26 states, from Arizona to Wisconsin.
In the last six years, the company has built of a base a base of more than 4,000 business partnerships including, Etsy, Starbucks, Walgreens and Apple.
Postmates makes more than 1 million deliveries a month from local businesses all over the country. Recently, Postmates launched its own $9.99/month membership program that provides users with free delivery on orders over $25, with no additional service fees. The company has raised more than $278 million to date.
We caught up the German-born Lehmann and asked him 20 questions to figure out what makes him tick.
1. How do you start your day?
My best friend picks me up at 6:15 in the morning.Then we play basketball, lift some weights and get to the office by 9:15. My first meeting is my chief of staff, where we go over the schedule for the day. I do this five times a week. It’s super important for me. I grew up borderline hyperactive as a child, so a routine is important for my body and my mind. It levels me for the day, allows me to be smarter, and I don’t have as much anxiety, because exercise helps with that.
2. How do you end your day?
I go home and usually have dinner with my fiance. After that I’ll go through a bunch of emails, and maybe read a bit or watch something on the TV. It’s important to [slow down] and try to reflect a bit on the day. I often let my mind wander or meditate for a few minutes in the evenings. It is important for me to let the day pass by one more time. This process allows me to reflect on decisions and clear my mind before I go to bed.
3. What’s a book that changed your mind and why?
The Art of Innovation by Peter Kelley and Jonathan Littman. Peter and his brother David are the founders of a design firm called IDEO. The book is about how IDEO creates and builds teams of people that come from all sorts of different backgrounds and successfully work together to solve problems and create beautiful products. They talk about how IDEO is obsessed with hiring people that have a broad understanding of multiple disciplines but expertise in one or two. They call them T-shaped people. Because of the empathy they can understand what it takes to work in a given field, with no ego involved. We try to use that philosophy at Postmates.

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