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$30 PayPal Giveaway | Awesome Forums | General Discussions, Technology & Webmastery
Site Name: Awesome Forums
Site URL:
Site Type: Forum
Category: General Discussions, Technology & Webmastery
Tags: general, discussions, awesome, forums, technology, web, webmastery, 
Description: Awesome Forums is a general discussion forum. We currently have a variety of categories to choose from, where you can participate in discussions. We also have many features such as a powerful credits & awards system, custom upgrades and more! Here you have the opportunity to meet new people, learn something new, find unique resources & tutorials, win contests & prizes, receive freebies and be given advice or help. Join the family, you'll never regret.

At the moment we are still in Beta Stage. So, do expect bugs and errors. We're actually looking for a few beta tester/active posters to help out the forum during it's Beta stage. We wish to build an amazing community. The forum is mainly a General Discussions forum. But we plan to focus more on Technology & Webmastery. If you've got a proposal or suggestion I'm always there to listen, just shoot me a PM on the forums.

Statistics as of November 16 2016:
Total Posts: 8705
Total Threads: 1147
Total Members: 260

Future Changes:
1. New custom made theme. (Custom profile, postbit, statistics and index pages)
2. Custom plugins.
3. New features.
4. New domain name. A name change.

This is all in something we call, Awesome Forums V2.

[Image: b4F3Zl.png]

Join Today and receive a New Comer award as well.

See you soon!  :pirate:

[Image: s36ua1m.jpg]
Awesome. Are you competing with this forum?
This is awesome! I never thought a forum need to be advertised.
(17-11-2016, 01:12 PM)Janiece Wrote: Awesome. Are you competing with this forum?

Not yet but soon. This forum is kinda big as well. Smile

(21-11-2016, 10:54 AM)Walker Wrote: This is awesome! I never thought a forum need to be advertised.

Haha, glad you know now.

Statistics as of November 22 2016:

Total Posts: 9515
Total Threads: 1252
Total Members: 279
Statistics as of November 23 2016:

Total Posts: 9598
Total Threads: 1270
Total Members: 280

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