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5 Secrets of Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)
[Internal] Beliefs
  • Having a clear path will make you persevere
  • Story of Florence Chadwick and the Fog where she give up in her marathon swimming and the destination is just a short swim away
  • Take massive action
  • Ask how and not why
  • Learn / blame mentality, live above the line

[Internal] Perception
  • Challenges as opportunities
  • “Iamnowhere” and do you view it as “I am nowhere” or “I am now here”
  • Opportunity: Taming our imagination - child scared of monster change to the monster in our house is safe and protect obedient kids
  • Everyone has preferred representational system - visual, auditory, kinaesthetic and auditory digital. These are called predicates in NLP
  • There are 2 salesperson who sell shoe in south Africa, A thought he don't have business here cos everyone don't wear shoe, B order 2 containers because everyone is a customer.

[Internal] Emotions
  • Top performers take charge of their emotion
  • Work for passion, not for money, and money will come to you
  • Need a lot of energy, live like there’s no tomorrow
  • List out the to-do list with deadlines, Breakdown the work and complete the smaller and easier task first
  • Model after someone
  • Surround yourself with people that will lift you higher
  • Prepare and know your material - practice makes perfect
  • Know the room (ground) and the audience, they wants you to succeed because they want a good show

[External] Rapport
  • Top performer build network
  • It is not what you know, but who you know
  • Methods: sensory acuity / mirroring / matching / pacing / leading / caveats / pattern

[External] Persuasion
  • Top performers lead
  • Always ask yes / no questions
  • 2 choose 1 technique
  • Smile immediately lower the guard of anyone
  • Speaks of the person interest than yours
  • Be sincere as people buy you and not your product or service
  • Think of win-win but the other party win first
why we need NLP?
I mean instead of NLP, can we use any other programming language..?
Good to know that....

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