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7 Key Points a Investors Lookout For
If your initial idea doesn't even consider all these basic 7 points, you may either redraft or generate a new idea.

  1. Pain point

    What are the problems in the market and what you are trying to solve?

  2. Unique solution

    How are your product different and what is the unique selling proposition you are offering?

  3. Market segmentation

    How big is your market? Who are you target audience and out of these how many can afford to buy your solution?

  4. Competition

    Who are you direct and indirect competitors? If you are competing against Nike or Coca Cola, you can forget about it.

  5. Transaction model

    It is one-time purchase, one-time which renewable option, on-demand, periodic base or what? Have a good recurring plan.

  6. Go-to-market strategy

    How you do plan to launch your product? Do you already have marketing partners tie up with or big organisation letting you attach your brand to them?

  7. Financial milestone

    How do you sustain your business even without the help of investors? What is your milestone if you are unable to find an investor?
Very insightful..

Is this ranked from most important to least?
Any good example for go-to market strategy? Is this the same as marketing and promotion plan?
You know you have a nice ride when you want to bring it to the forest just to look at its exhaust.
Thanks for the post.......
Thanks for sharing.......
Actually a lot of ideas doesn't even have all the 7 points.

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