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8 Tips for Stocks Beginner
1. Ten percent rule

Here's a hot stop tip: We try to make at least 10% profit on each trade. If the stock jumps up 10% in a short time, we will sell. 10% profit on each trade adds up fast.

2. Return on investment

If you had $1,000 in stocks and you could make 10% every 3 days, you would have $2,593 in only 1 month's time. That's a 159% return on your investment you would have made in this 1 months time.

3. When to sell

Not all stocks go up. That's why we sell them if they drop to 11% to 20% below what we bought them at. This rule helps us from holding on to a stock that is flaming down, or from selling a stock that is going to rebound. We Will give yo the Stop Loss to use.

4. Diversify to Manage Risk

The saying "Never put all your eggs in one basket" is nowhere more true than in the world of stock market investment. Diversifying spreads the risk among a variety of stock picks, cushioning the blow of losses in any one stock market investment. Investors old and new can be tempted to go for that one big trade, but this is almost never wise stock investment advice.
Diversification is one of the most crucial fundamentals of effective stock market investing. A portfolio of several stocks and other investments, of differing types and risk levels, will yield the most promise of success over both the long and short term, while decreasing the impact of losses in any one area.

5. Do your stock research

Another essential stock market tip: Before investing in any stock, do your homework. The world of online trading has made stock market trading available to the average consumer, allowing quick and easy stock trades at the touch of a mouse. One thing that hasn't changed is the need for careful research and analysis into the stock offering and the company behind it.
A1 Stock Picks believes our members should be well-equipped with the stock market information to make wise decisions. With this in mind, we have also made our members' investment practices easier and less time-consuming by doing that research and analysis and providing daily stock picks based on this in-depth process.

6. Keep the winners and let the losers go

Both experienced and new stock market investors find it very hard to let a losing stock go. We all hope that with just a little more time it will turn around. No one wants to sell at a loss.
What commonly happens because of this human nature is a tendency to sell the winners and keep the losers hoping for a sunnier day. The investor ends up with a whole bagful of lousy performing stock picks and no winners in the portfolio to balance it out.
Unless there is a compelling valid reason to hold on to a losing stock, just let it go. It's so much better to end up with a bagful of winners! More practical stock tips from A1 Stock Picks.

7. Be flexible and expect change

The business world and stock market are dynamic arenas by nature and are constantly in a state of change. Market corrections can happen at anytime and should be expected. Recessions happen. Household name companies go out of business. Pricing wars are waged. New technologies are born changing the way we live and do business.
Wise market analysts advise: Let your portfolio reflect the changing nature of the world and investment markets. Be willing to let go of company stock picks that are traditional performers but have been trending towards obsolescence for some time. Include some new technologies in the mix. Above all, diversify, do your research, and be ready to act when the situation demands it.

8. Have faith in value

It is always a wise choice to include a few "Best in Show" company stocks in your portfolio, according to investment guru Jim Cramer of Even if these industry best performers tend to be more expensive than others in the category, their history of continuing strong performance makes them an excellent stock market pick to keep for the long-term.
Patience is a huge virtue in the world of stock market investment. Yes, we did say to dump the loser stocks. However, some stocks that may be having a period of poor performance are worth it to hang in there with. Companies with strong customer bases, great products, and solid assets are worth some loyalty and patience. This is where it is so important to research stock and do that homework. Another stock investment tip: look to invest in damaged stocks, not damaged companies.
Thanks for the post....
Thanks for sharing.....
Good to knoe that 8 Tips for Stocks......!!!
Its really helpful for beginners......
Also, do not over trade.
There are much more tips for beginners, but most of the tips they need to learn the hard way.
Thanks for share great post
In trading and stock market, you can't just follow what the book says.
Why do you tip a beginner when he should tip you when you are teaching him?

Or is it compulsory to tip everyone just like in the USA?

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