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A Future of Infinite Food, Water & Battery
While many of you are worrisome about the end of the world by president-elect Donald Trump, I am already looking at the bright side of what science can brought us. 

First, check out this article about some scientist discovered infinite battery life:

They cannot commercialise it yet because no one have any idea how it worked.

Soon food and clean water supply may face the same situation where we will no longer have to worry about all our dispensables.

Will it become a reality or it is just fantasy? If you have searched through the US patents, many similar cases have been registered before but put to a stop because of the capitalist and industrialist. You do not start factory to see it go went down. Unfortunately many life saving and life enhancement programme have been lost forever, the people who can make it happen is either suppressed or dead.

So shall we increase a steady supply or scientists and engineers? Nowadays there are too much data to be processed and computers processing become irreplaceable. It is humanly impossible to test hundreds of subjects and simulations with the speed the computer can produce. There are some accidents from the computer that resulted in an invention, but theoretically it is all programmed.

On the contrary, greatest accidental discovery were still executed by a live human. Since it is all about science and math, statistically if every 10,000 scientist someone will create a useful accident, all we have to do is to increase the number of people doing research.

It will be a progressive science when lesser people have to work for their food and drinks, people can enter the research field. Many of the employees are working for the sake of money, I will be looking forward to the day where people work for progression instead.
If future really have all these things for free, trust me no one will really work

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