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A Wormhole Shows The Sign Of End Is Near
[Image: a194442c4640f7b40ed411f6f24c0e1f?width=1024]

EXTRAORDINARY footage of what “appears” to be UFO arriving via a wormhole has sparked an online debate as to whether we are really alone in the universe.
According to The Sun, a clip showing a supposed UFO landing on Earth has gone viral and been picked up by a number of conspiracy websites and fellow YouTube channels.
Some have claimed the footage shows a space-shift being shot to Earth in a “plasma beam”, the Daily Express has reported.
Though others believe it is fake and is just a ruse to raise cash through advertising.
There is no detail as to who filmed it and appears to have originally surfaced on a Spanish Facebook page.
[Image: b1c57024502bf350362a5dbeb70d13b1?width=650]
Scott Brando runs UFO Of Interest, a website which uncovers UFO hoaxes.
He said: “Yes, it is a fake CGI. There are previous sharings about the same video being fake.”
On the other hand, Scott C Waring from UFO Sightings Daily, claims sighting took place on December 1.
He appears to believe the video is real and writes: “Arizona is a famous hotspot for UFOs and Alien bases, so its nice to get this substantial evidence of their existence in that area.

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