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About Xchangeinfo Pte. Ltd.
]We started Xchangeinfo Internet since 2010 as an intelligent message board with primary focus is to help the business owners.

Later in 2011, Xchangeinfo Internet branch out to provide professional Information Technology (IT) services and in 2013, this sole proprietor business is deregistered and Xchangeinfo Pte. Ltd. is being registered.

One year ago we digress into the financial industry and gradually leave the IT trade behind. It is dispiriting but necessary, competition is vehement and the economy has turned.

You may reach us at:

Xchangeinfo Pte. Ltd. (201328875C)

3 Phillip Street #19-00
Royal Group Building
Singapore 048693

Office: +65 6809 5391


We are also one of the proud award winner of Promising SME 500, 2015

[Image: PcihtgbHZYwD1dHzJV3vp6li34tm-qBwPGIvYTpi...QwcUA=w350] Message Board is an online forum for people who want to understand about Singapore's business movement and investment sentiments.

You will find insightful discussions on the upcoming business trend, how to recession-proof your business, getting a business partner or simply share your business idea. If you are planning to start a business, ask for tips and shortcuts to kickstart your business.

As an employer you will also be able to discuss on HR issues, legality issues, accounting issues and many more. You may also advertise your business in our forum at the classified section. As an employee or someone looking for extra job or part-time business, this is the place to go.

Investors will also be sharing their forecasts and trading strategies. You can look for investors here or become an investors to gain lucrative returns. In Xchangeinfo, there will never be a lack of interesting and surprising ideas to be invested.
Are you hiring?
Hi and congrats
I like the company name, it suit the business nature.

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