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Amway - The Father of All MLM
I am the distributor for Amway.

We are looking for people who are lazy but want to get rich. This is a proven business with many successful people revising and optimising the process along the way.

If you want to be a billionaire through MLM, look no further. Just compare the amount of billionaire in Forbes that accumulate their wealth through Amway. If you want to be in this business, join the best one. You don't expect to stay in a bungalow by learning from a begger.

MLM have no father or mother. Only human and animal have father and mother. Total absurd to make such claim
LOL bro, Amway is saturated bro.
Then who is the mother?
Amway is not very popular here because their products are too expensive. Not suitable for developing country like us.
why amway,
If it is expensive then go with other ones...
after all they are try to expand their business.....

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