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Are You Equipped With Healthcare Knowledge?
Quote:30,000 healthcare jobs to be created by 2020: Gan Kim Yong

BETWEEN 2015 and 2020, a total of 30,000 new healthcare jobs are projected to be created under the 2020 Healthcare Manpower Plan launched by Health Minister Gan Kim Yong on Thursday, as the government looks to build a strong local core of Singaporeans within the growing health...
2020 is just a 4 years away and it is announced by our dear health minister so it must be real.
Did you already spend you skills future credit? If not look for some healthcare sector now. Tongue
No... I'm Not.
Thanks for the post......!!!
Thanks Kaiden...
Good to know that....
Now a days it's very important in our life that every should be equipped with Healthcare....
Its really means a lot to everyone that we know the preciousness of our and our beloved persons.....

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