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Are Your Automating Your Task At Work?
[Image: UWkZE5]

The reason why Japanese are so productive even they sleep at work is because they always think about how to improve their work. Just like robot, but they function much better than robots.

Most employees do not feel attached to the company and often value about salary more than job improvement. Well the fact is you do not get pay improvement unless you got job improvements.

A good employee will constantly improve his process workflow, by making his life easier, he is able to perform more and hence create more value for the company.

Here are a list of stuff you can prepare to improve your work, of course it make take longer in the beginning to create, but ultimately you will be the one who will get benefitted:
  • Templates
  • Code libraries / libraries
  • Prototype
  • Photos and other medias
  • Sentences or good articles
  • Blueprints
  • Moulds
  • Many others
Of course if you are working digitally, you will need a lot of storage, but these storage will eventually pay off.

Just work with matrix and you will see the improvement.

If you can write 100 articles a month, but automating possible tasks and using template, you could have wrote 100 articles in just 15 days.
With these 15 days you can either use it for marketing or write another 100 articles.
After all if you continue to improve, you will be surprised how much staff you could actually do.
You are keeping a positive attitude, sadly it will only happen in Japan, no one else take pride in their work
You automate your work end you your boss richer and your poorer.
Well Only japan can do this
Machine-learning programs are best at specific routines with lots of data to train on and whose answers can be gleaned from the past
let japan do what ever he want
Japan have great technology anyways he's doing good work with robots

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