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Army retiree ended up driving Taxi
My mode of transport is taxi as I don't drive and my work timing is haywire. To my surprise there are so many army veterans driving taxi. Some pre-terminate their contact to start consulting and training business but fail, others simply cannot renew anymore.

What is happening to our society?

I just posted I leave my business and ended up jobless for 6 months and thought I am alone, but it is not. There are so many people suffering out there.

Please do not join the army, tell your sons/husband/boyfriend not to do that too. Once you are inside for many years, you will lost touch with the market and eventually you will be left out - skill-less and jobless.
Sorry to hear, but this is a global pandemic, not only it happen to you as almost all countries have this problem.
When you have to survive you just let down your pride and fight again tomorrow.

Talking about our officers or other army people who never suffered, why not take a look at those USA army veterans who are homeless on the street? They fight real war and suffered for their country. If a big country like USA have situation like this, what makes a small and insignificant country like ours matter?
I really pity those uncle who look so sad and they seem to be worried about their children's future. If I constantly take cab like this I will die of depression.
Now even taxi cannot survive because of Uber and Grab.

Looks like they going to hawker to pick up cardboard already.

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