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Beware! Read this before engaging in any investment
Golden rule of thumb: If if sound too good to be true, it is.

Good investment can generate a yield of 5% - 8% a year, anything more than that is highly questionable by the people in the finance line. Even the banks and financial institute does not have guarantee your investment, how can a small company give such promise? Banks have vast credit facility and cash to ensure the investors are not underpaid, but they know as long as it is an investment there will still a risk. Any investment tell you they are risk-free, please run away from them.

We have rich friends and relative around us, if we have something that is absolutely good, why do you even want to seek the outsider? You make your friends and relatives rich. The good deals are never public, you will have to beg to get in. The bad deals are everything, and probably someone is begging you to enter their scheme right now.

Sometimes we are not gullible or naive, it is the salesperson is deliberately out to scam you or they blind you with false hope and greed. Any investment as good as they claim, ask them to borrow money from the bank (4% - 8% yearly) to invest in their scheme of 100% yearly. If they are not confident to do so, run away.
Do what you like, than to regret on what you dislike
Thank you for sharing Joseph. This is so true, many people still going around and share unrealistic dreams.
I have an with a private company once. Got my 12% after a year and I stopped investing in them. Last heard their company is no where to be found
Thanks for the post.....
Good to know that.......

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