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BizXchange Club

I am starting a Club called BizXchange that function just like a mastermind group. The objective:
  • To form a privileged and exclusive business club
  • 7 stages of a business: seed, start-up, growth, established, expansion, mature, exit. Only growing and below company are welcome to join
  • Effectively, the group shall have only 8 members
  • Business owner must be focus and only represent one trade in this club
  • Change of trade is acceptable as long as there are no similar trade
  • This will become a sales powerhouse that focus on leads generation and business improvement
  • You already ‘hired’ 7 salesperson
  • We will provide mastermind group brainstorming session weekly to help 2 businesses identify their direction and goals
  • 90 mins to 120 mins each session
  • Opening, market update, trend update and direction for the week and month
  • Identify powerteam and affected business based on the above report
  • Referral passing and report
  • Business introduction and feedback
  • 30 minutes for each business, 1 hour for 2 businesses
  • SWOT analysis and other areas of improvement
  • This club will be free forever: get rich by helping people to get rich
To build better customer relationship, if you refer a customer to your fellow member, it is good to sit in the first introductory meeting:
  • Referee is expected to visit referral with service provider, this is also to encourage customer relationship
  • Arrive 15 mins before the appointment and be prepared
  • Furnish as much necessary details about referral as per service provider trade
  • Commission is encouraged and amount will be based on already discussed consensus
What do we get out of this:
  • You have 7 potential customer in the club
  • We move together and become successful together
  • Once we are ready, we can form our new club and do the same to them, this you will gain another new 7 prospect
  • We can do joint promotions and advertising to share cost
  • We can also invite popular coaches and trainers when we have the numbers to give us private training
  • Business owner may be looking for business partner or new business between members may be derived from this club
  • It will eventually become a huge club that is through invitation only and we can promote our workshops and and seminars to the group; products and services to be decided
  • When we start making money from our business through this group, we can have nice food and meeting place and bring visitors to impress them
  • We could rent or even buy a nice premises in the future
Please reply before if you are interested and we can have a face to face talk about it. Smile
I am interested but I do not have a business currently.
Ok, so how does it goes?
I am in the metal business, you think I can join?

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