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Build your business like a game
Good news for gamers, you can actually build a business faster than the business students graduated from our local university.

Business is about unpredictability and interactions. Plenty of interaction are done with your competitors and not with your customers. Our local U did not cover us in the conflict aspect and all we do is theory.

Be it any game, you will need to gain relevant skills, practice and apply it. Business is exactly the same, in order to be the market leader you will need a definite set of skills with very specific knowledge. Players with in-depth role playing game (RPG) will know:

  1. You started off with nothing gain small money by battling easy monsters
  2. You upgrade your skills and equipment through small savings
  3. You may start doing trading or some venture that gives you a fix income
  4. You continue to upgrade and battle harder bosses
  5. You gain the certain territory and receive more money
  6. You constantly go back to lower level area to make easy kill
Put it in real life business:

  1. You have an idea and start making small money as you do not have portfolio
  2. You upgrade your skills, get better equipments or you start hiring
  3. You try to automate your business so you can do more
  4. You start facing your competition and expand your business to unknown territory
  5. You got a foot hold and you fortified it
  6. Never forget to have fun, host events or activities to meet newer entrepreneur and share your life story
If you play real life business like monopoly or cashflow 101, chances are you get bankrupt faster than anything else.
I build my business like a baby infant, never treat it as a game or you will risk it too high
Great info but its been hard for to because i build my business Like a Fortune 500 CEO

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