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Business + IT = BIT
2 Binary form a Bit, 8 Bit form a Byte, 2 Byte form a Hexadecimal, 16 Hexadecimal form an ASCII

I am providing all aspect of IT solution from hosting to hardware acquisition to software programming.

In today's world, not only click and mortar or click only business needs IT, traditional business in fact need it more. We have all sorts of digital payment and that is IT. Tax submission and the software used by your account, that is IT. Using phone order or online order for sales acquisition, that is IT. Sometimes you hire a marketer and he uses online means to promote your business, that is IT. The list simply goes on and on.

IT have become part of business a long time ago.

It is intangible but measurable.
  • You spent $1,000 getting a new machine, 3 months down the road your staff is able to process more orders and recover your capital. Newer system also require less energy and lower maintenance. In the whole year, your save and make make times more than its cost.
  • $1 for Cost per Click in Google is expensive. You spent $500 a weekend and thought the money is well wasted. Indirectly your exposure increased and customers start calling you. You thought they are the regular referred clients and make back your $500 in 1 month. This is another example of intangible effect.
  • A new server cost $6,000, to save cost you wanted to let your current server depreciate for another 2 years before upgrading it. System warranty is out and crashed, your system is unable to handle new software, system reaches it max database and hence cannot serve more clients. These are all the opportunity cost involved with an old system. We spend money to save more and not the other way round.
You cannot put into exact numbers the conversion of IT to business. You can however use soft indices to keep track of your overall business performance.

Business factors like frontage to have a better system, disaster proof system to reduce accidents, reliability, set it and forget it, dealer-become-customer, etc. There are endless benefits for having an upgraded and functional system in your work place.

We focus on problem solving and believe in providing only what you need. Do post your reply below if you have any IT problem or want a free review of your existing system.
Do you provide infrastructure setup service?
(11-10-2016, 09:24 AM)Kelvin Wrote: Do you provide infrastructure setup service?

Hi Kelvin, Yes, all kind of services.
Basically you use time to exchange for money, when you have so much money you use it to exchange for more time.

In business you make money to buy IT equipment, once your IT is solid enough it make money back for your business.
Do you set the IT equipments as per client wants?

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