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[Business Success Factors 3 of 5] De-Stress As A Business Owner
There is a Chinese saying: 休息是为了走更长远的路, it means a rest is a preparatory step for a longer journey ahead. If we continue to bury ourselves in work and neglect the world around us (that is the reason why we worked), then it totally defeat our purpose. Rest is to prevent ourselves from burning out and slow down to ensure we are taking the right path. I have compiled some of the ways to de-stress as a business owner:

1. Eliminate bad habits and get organized.

Mornings are often a race to get out the door. If you’re like most people I know, you check your email before getting out of bed. Your mornings set the pace for the rest of your day. Turn off technology, slow down and reevaluate your day. Write down goals you’re aiming to accomplish. Focus on your most important projects and write down all outstanding items on your “to-do” list. This is key to staying organized. The less information you keep in your head, the more productive and creative you will be. If you haven’t considered hiring a virtual assistant before, check out this podcast with Chris Ducker, who explains how this can transform your ability to stay organized.

2. Practice creativity.

Your mind is the greatest gift you possess. Just as physical exercise is important to keep your body in shape, practicing creativity is important to train your mind.One way to do this is to log ideas or write in a journal. Purchase a journal with blank pages so your thoughts are less restricted. There are no limits when it comes to expressing creativity. Free-writing your ideas, experiences, and thoughts can inspire creativity and reduce stress. Journaling also allows you to block out external distractions. Use journaling as an exercise and you’ll see your creative mind strengthen once you put your thoughts onto paper. If you want to try some other creative practices, check out this webinar I did with Jonathan Fields where he discusses how to change your workflow to turbocharge your creative process.

3. Build playlists to build momentum.

Music is a powerful way to alter your mood. Find music that allows your mind to de-stress and puts you in the zone. I create a playlist every morning to increase my energy and help me focus, and I absolutely recommend taking 10 to 15 minutes out of your day to do this too. Creating playlists also becomes a creative process. It’s a fun challenge to pick the best songs to keep you motivated throughout the day, and also gives your mind a mental break from your work. Don’t limit playlists to just your computer. Throw in your headphones, turn on your music, get outside and take a walk or engage in some form of physical exercise.

4. Read books that inspire.

Despite people’s excuses, reading is a necessary part of anyone’s daily routine. Create time in your day to immerse yourself in a book that will allow you to generate more creativity when coping with stress. I recommend reading books that will give you insight into to subjects you know little about. I’m not just referring to self-helps books. You can carry a book everywhere you go. E-books are a handy alternative if you’re on the go and don’t have time to sit and read. Point is, the smallest object, such as a book, can make the biggest impact when your mind is looking for motivation, creativity and resolutions. Integrate each of these solutions into your daily routine and you will prevent small stressors from becoming big problems. Trust the process.

5. Create a Flexible Schedule

You remember that time you were sitting at your desk at 4pm on a Friday, killing time looking up “#happyhour,” seeing all the fun those jerks with Summer Fridays were having, and thinking “That’s it! I’m going to start my own business so I can work when I want!” Yeah, about that. Remember that you ARE the boss now, and even though work needs to be done, it doesn’t necessarily all have to be done from 8-6. Or 8-8. Ok, 8-10. The point is, you can work when you want, so make time for things you enjoy during the day to break up the stress of work.

6. Laugh at something

Even if it involves waiting next to a patch of black ice, not warning anyone, and watching them slip uncontrollably right in front of you, find something that is guaranteed to make you laugh and indulge in it. If physical harm and possible debilitating injury at other peoples’ expense isn’t so much your thing, watch some YouTube videos of cats batting at string. Or babies dancing to “Turn Down for What.” Just make sure it’s funny, and your stress will melt away. Unlike that ice.

7. Lay off caffeine

Yes, there are days when you think it’d just be more efficient to set up a Red Bull drip in your office than keep making that walk to 7-11 or Starbucks. But that stuff that keeps you going all day? That’s what’s keeping you up at night, and making you The Grinch Who Stole Staff Appreciation Day today. Those chemicals aren’t exactly being touted by Deepak Chopra either. The first couple days you may be tired, but ultimately it will relax you more.

8. Get some alone time

A very wise French guy once said “Hell is other people.” And though some allege he was some kind of French philosopher, we have to guess he was a small business owner. Not that you don’t love your family, employees, customers, venders, salespeople, electricians and overseas cable company customer service people, but after a while you just need to make them all go away if you’re going to relax. Be assertive, tell everyone when your door is closed to kindly leave you alone, then take half an hour and enjoy the greatest hits of Kenny G.

9. Go talk to other small business owners

You might think to yourself “What does that guy next door selling discount phone cards and $7 bags of potato chips have to tell me about business?” Absolutely nothing. And that’s the point. Discussing business with your neighboring businesses doesn’t always have to be about networking or sharing tips. It can just be a way of getting to know who’s around you and making small talk about something you have in common. And hey, play your cards right, it might net you like 800 free minutes of calling time to China.

10. Meet while you exercise
Even if you swing a golf club worse than Jack Nicholson when he’s cut off in traffic, that doesn’t excuse you from taking business meetings in recreational situations. Getting out in the fresh air – even doing something as simple as walking  - will let you get work done while you exercise. And if the person you’re meeting with isn’t so keen on the whole talking-and-breathing thing, offer to meet them at their office and walk.

11. Make somebody else laugh
If you’re a funny person, taking the time to get some laughs out of someone else will not only relieve your stress, but theirs as well. If you’re not a funny person, well, there’s always that patch of black ice.
Well said Mr. Stanly...!!!
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