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Business is about creating convenience for your customer
Time = money. The more time we help our customer save = the more money they will be getting = the more they will upgrade our service.

In today's context, there are no lack of alternatives and competitors. Everything and everyone is highly available through Internet listing, how can you be a cut above rest?

Everyone can knows what their customers want, offer the best services and lowest possible price. So in order to be different, you need to do something out of the box. In this case is to be your customer's left and right hand.


Peter wants to buy chicken and curry to prepare for the dinner. You are a chicken seller like 1001 other vendor, besides claiming you have the best chicken at most affordable rate, what else can you offer?

You will ask Peter what is his address and will send the chicken to his place. You find out from him what garnish he may like and you get it at a trade discount from the curry supplier. You further offer to marinate for him if need any help due to his busy schedule.

A chicken cost $8.00
Curry power cost $1.50
Extra marinate cost $2.00
Delivery $5.00

Peter is happy to pay $16.50 for everything done up nicely for him. He may save $70 instead of paying $7 extra for marination and delivery. If Peter work as a part timer and he earns $50 an hour, the travelling fee and extra shopping fee may cost his $20. Look how you have helped Peter to save some money from an extra payment.

If you didn't make go to such extend, what happen is your $8 chicken may still be left on the shelf. Some times going an extra mile for your customer will become a extra yard for your business. Do not be so short-sighted and neglect the bigger cause.
everything needs to be perfect for a business,
If you only look after your products of your business doesn't mean that you are doing great for your business....
You have to make your customer realise that your products are best in the market..
You have to set a profitable cost & give some exciting offers also....
Time and money have always been directly correlated, and for the last several years, consumers have been short on both. As a reaction to the substandard economy that wrapped up the first decade of the new millennium, buyers have become obsessed with finding unsurpassed value, with competitive sellers bending over backward to come up with new ways to draw in potential customers. Bottom-line pricing, impeccable service, and personalized experiences have all become crucial to staying competitive in the postrecession marketplace, but another customer demand has risen through the ranks, forcing companies to rethink the way they market their products and services. Refer this website to get more tips on this topic.
Well, if you can help me eliminate sleeping time and shitting time and eating time, you got my business for sure.
You job is to help your customers, the more you help, you more pay you deserve.

Mess with the best, die like the rest.
Same thing your employee is to free up your time so you can look for more people to help.
That is a passive business, I view business more like making money for them, like an investment. They put $10 to me, I give them back $!00
Business is about selling - yourself, they company then its product

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