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Business is all about solving problems
Ivy league schools (Harvard, Yale....) teach a lot about problem solving. That is why produce the best business people. Their elites can be found from all over the world and this clearly show their business strategy is the best.

What is considered a problem? A problem does not only consist of negative issues, it can be good problem too. For example, your company already hit the sales target, your new problem can be why are we not achieving 120%? You staff are performing well, the new problem become how to make them perform better. You have a perfect product, your problem become what are the future range or how do you maintain it's perfectness for the future range.

Most of the time you are hired to solve problem and not to create more problems. Your boss don't pay you just to work, but to solve his problem with your expertise. Remember: good bosses only hire people smarter than them. This is logical because there are problems he cannot solve and that's why he use money to solve.

Problem skills takes knowledge and experience. As long as you do something long enough you will eventually become the subject matter expert. The only issue is when you fail to identify a situation and problem and apply correct problem solving technique on it.
I never even dream to attend one of the ivy league school, not a studious person
Every one should should have a dream to admitted in that types of schools.....
Don't worry JinLong, a lot of successful people also not from Ivy League

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