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Can’t Say No! By Richard Bandler
This is always what I hear when someone comes in saying that they are like a rug—everyone walks all over them. “I can’t say ‘no,’ no matter how hard I try.”

Then I went: “Really?” because the minute I hear this I hear the solution. I say “Really, well tell me ‘no!’” And they say they can’t do that. And I say “Well you just did!” and then they go “Oooh!!!”

“What did you think would happen if you said ‘no’ to people?” and they said: “Well I don’t know.”

“See, you said it again! Right now you are telling me you can’t say no and you just used it in a sentence.”

“Well, it’s not that kind of no!” and I said “Well that’s the kind you really need. You need the kind of knowing that you can say yes or no because you know: one takes you one way one takes you the other but if you say you can’t say ‘no’ then I think I’ve got you right there.” 

I mean, to me, now tell me this is not nonsense! Because I know that people who tell me they can’t say no are saying: “No no no I can’t say no!”

And that’s what I hear them saying. “No no no I can’t say no; I never say no and no one is going to make me!”

To me, I say that most of my clients walk in with their own solutions.
Do not use "no" and "but" or any other negative word when replying, it will immediately trigger the defensive mechanism of your target

Mess with the best, die like the rest.
You need to learn how to reject people in some point of your life, otherwise you will be wasting time everywhere doing fruitless things.
Me: give me all your money

Richard: (can't say no) okay
Can't say yes either! Wife ask you buy anything you buy you pokkai

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