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Can You Survive In A -50 Degrees Celcius Region?
[Image: yakutsk04.jpg]

Humans are resilient, hardworking creatures.

And there's perhaps nowhere where that's more evident than in the tiny village of Oymyakon, Russia, regarded by most as the coldest permanently inhabited place on earth.
Temperatures there average around -58 Fahrenheit during the winter months, with the record low reaching -96.16 Fahrenheit in 1924.

Adventurer and photographer Amos Chapple recently visited the village, as well as Yakutsk, its nearest city center.

Chapple spent a total of five weeks in the region, documenting everyday life in these harsh conditions, as well as the people who call the area home.
[Image: amos-chapple-started-his-journey-in-yaku...-world.jpg]

Amos Chapple started his journey in Yakutsk, the capital of the Sakha region of northeastern Russia. It is generally regarded as the coldest capital city in the world.

The city has a population of about 300,000, and during winter, temperatures average around -30° Fahrenheit.

Still, Chapple tells Business Insider that the residents of the city were wonderful, "friendly, worldly locals, and magnificently dressed."
[Image: how-do-locals-deal-with-the-extreme-cold...hannel.jpg]

How do locals deal with the extreme cold? "Russki chai, literally Russian tea, which is their word for vodka," Chapple told the Weather Channel.
[Image: chapple-stayed-in-a-small-guesthouse-in-...e-said.jpg]

Chapple stayed in a small guesthouse in Yakutsk before befriending locals and being invited into their home. "I tried to cook meals for them as thanks, but it's pretty hard to put together a plate of nachos in deep Siberia," Chapple said.
[Image: a-strong-diamond-trade-has-provided-a-di...e-said.jpg]

A strong diamond trade has provided a "diverse and healthy economy" in Yakutsk, Chapple said.
[Image: the-effects-of-the-cold-war-are-felt-les...e-said.jpg]

The effects of the Cold War are felt less in these areas, as ethnic Yakuts are "far more outward-looking than Russians, and don’t carry the sense of wounded pride in the collapse of empire," Chapple said.
[Image: yakutsk-is-the-gateway-to-oymyakon-widel...o-days.jpg]

Yakutsk is the gateway to Oymyakon, widely regarded as the coldest inhabited town on the planet. It takes two days to get there, traveling down a barren and isolated stretch of road. Chapple first had to hitch a ride to a halfway point on the road, where he was stranded for two days.

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