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Cars Will Soon Be Able To Fly
[Image: flyigncar.jpg?w=738]

When I was young, I remember tuning in with my brother for the Sunday morning cartoons and watching reruns of the Jetson family going about in their flying car. That was the golden era for science fiction. Hollywood was filled with movies like Blade Runner, Back to the Future, Star Wars and The Fifth Element. These movies promised us futuristic worlds full of wonderful tech.
It seems like we’ve achieved that future in many ways. Everybody now has a super transmitter in their pocket, allowing them to communicate instantly with anyone else on the planet. We’ve mapped the human genome, made most of the human knowledge freely accessible at one’s fingertips and hell, we’re even making plans to colonize Mars. But despite all of this, one part is missing. There are still no flying cars in sight. They can’t be so hard to make, right?
[Image: unnamed-7.jpg]
The forgotten history of flying cars

Believe it or not, flying cars have been around for more than 70 years. Ever since Jules Verne introduced the idea in his 1904 Master of the World novel, generations of engineers have tried to make flying cars happen. In 1940, Henry Ford predicted that a combination of airplane and motorcar was coming. At the time, both the car and the plane were becoming cheaper, better and saw massive adoption. A combination of the two was thought to be inevitable. It turns out Ford was right. Just a few years after his announcement, aeronautical engineer Ted Hall came out with the first fully functioning flying car.

What you just watched is a 70-year-old video of a fully working flying car. The vehicle was a combination of a road car and attachable wings. It was backed by Convair, a major airplane manufacturer at the time, and had a total of 66 successful test flights. With just a few minor adjustments, it promised to become a huge commercial success. But in 1947, a crash landing during a test flight led Convair to back out. The project, judged to be too dangerous, was eventually shut down, along with Hall’s dream of a flying car in every garage.
[Image: unnamed-6.jpg]
Since then, there have been countless attempts at building flying cars. None of them made it beyond the prototype phase. However, what’s most remarkable about the idea of the flying car is how enduring it is. Despite a history of failures and setbacks, every generation of engineers have been, and still are, captivated by the idea.
Today, companies like Terrafugia, AeroMobil and Moller International are actively pushing the dream forward. You probably have never heard of them, but all of these companies have actual, workingflying car prototypes.
[Image: unnamed-5.jpg]

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