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Christmas Market Incident Is An Obvious Terrorist Act
[Image: c548cff5d8cd4e759395e0adbc149f3b_18.jpg]

Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel has said Tuesday's Berlin Christmas market incident that saw a lorry crash into a crowd killing at least 12 people, was a "terrorist act".
Angela Merkel said on Tuesday, a day after the event in the German capital, that it was "a very difficult day for Germany".
"We have to assume that this was a terrorist attack," Merkel said.
She said that it would be "particularly sickening" if the attacker was in fact a refugee.
Police had detained a 23-year-old Pakistani asylum seeker. However, late on Tuesday, he was released because of insufficient evidence, German prosecutors said.
Germany's top prosecutor, Peter Frank, said that while investigators were treating the attack as an act of "terrorism", though there is no claim of responsibility yet.
Frank also told reporters that it was not entirely clear whether there was one perpetrator or more.
The lorry struck the popular Christmas market outside the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church late on Monday as tourists and locals enjoyed a traditional pre-Christmas evening near Berlin's Zoo station. Dozens of people were wounded.
The interior ministry said Christmas markets in Berlin will remain closed on Tuesday out of respect for the victims.
Witness Jan Hollitzer told Al Jazeera the truck drove about 50 metres through the market.

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