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Consolidate Your Appointments, Shipment & Errand
Freight is expensive, oil is expensive and everything is expensive.

In order to save money for the company, consolidation is very important.

For example, every Tuesday and Thursday will be my appointment days. When I am out, I will be out the whole day and only slot customers in these 2 days unless really urgent. This save my time in running back and forth and my momentum is not distracted. Appointments turn out to be very good during my appointment days.

We don't usually ship one part by one part (that is why sometimes you wait for weeks before receiving your car parts), unless specifically being instructed and the price is right. For all other pricing, we will consolidate our shipment in a crate and ship it over for maximum cost efficiency.

I don't run errand by my office boy does. He deliver parts and collect paperwork all in one day. Things are not immediate and if you miss the window you will have to wait another week. All in all it is very efficient.
Thanks Elisha. I do consolidate my shipment, in fact my supplier is the one whom taught me to do so and share with me how big the different in rates if I do separate shipment.
Thanks Elisha.... For the post...!!

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