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Converting your employee to self-employed
If you have a few employees only and account is constantly giving you headache, it is time to convert your employee to self-employed.

This will be likely to be receptive to younger generation but not the old generations.

What will be the benefits?

  1. No extra CPF, give them one payment and that is
  2. Your staff can write off their personal expenses through self-employment with lesser tax to pay
  3. You can fire your staff anytime because they are no longer subjected to MOM law
  4. Your staff can take up ad-hoc projects too
  5. Take the money saved from CPF to pay for their company renewal and everyone is happy.
That is a very good way to protect yourself from MOM law.
Your employee will finally be able to claim his sunday expenses with his child what.

In fact if husband and wife form a company and their bosses pay to their account directly it will be better.

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