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Discussion: Building an Automated Business
In theory, business should be automated and business owner should go hands-free after a certain segment is automated.

In reality, why is it so many business owner are working like a self-employed where they cannot be missing from work one day and work harder than their staff?

Is it a choice or it is not easy to achieve?

Many made it a choice because they don't trust their staff, find themselves too old to change, want to hold the master key, enjoy working and etc.

Or is it because they hired bad employee or unable to hire anyone at all?

When a business man get hands-free from their business, many magic could happen. For example, business duplication, expansion or even new business development.

If I start a business I will definitely want to build it in such way where I can go for holiday and yet the company bank account continue to roll Tongue
You are not wrong but HR is the main issue. Either they outsmart you and start their own business, or you have to hand hold them even after 20 years.

This is actually the 2nd step of business automation and you have missed the 1st step.

A business must have positive cash flow to begin with. Once you are able to generate positive cash flow start to explore redundancy. Hire 2 person to do 1 key-master's job, so in case one hanky panky you still left with one - and this is where you need to practice your politics. Sow discord them so they will always fight against one another. Once this is stable and you still generate positive cash flow, then start exploring hands-free.
Business can be automated but the owner should be the best person to know everything in the company.

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