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Divination - Ever Wanted to Know More About Yourself & Your Past?
I practise divination but it requires a lot of years to actually get started. There are some basic stuff I can do though, like seeing your future and past. It is not the end but a gauge of what you should really be doing. Let me know I will be happy give you a reading. Every session is $130. Thank you Smile
I rather not know, cos tomorrow may be my last day. I just want to live life to fullest everyday.
I want to try, I PM you.
If you need to come forum and look for business and not your own divination, it clearly show divination doesn't work.
Very funny Dominic, I don't think you know what is divination.
I agree with Dominic, why not you go and find out what is this week toto's winning number?
Can you tell me when I can get married?

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