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Do Expert Disagree With Each Other In Order To Get Famous?
In the market there are a lot of self claimed experts and gurus. There have no certification or major award to prove that but just want to be be worshipped as the Internet Deity. When some guru started a good article and many people start giving him attention, it actually created a domino effect when people start praising him for no reason or because everyone is praising him.

Just like a lot of YouTubers whom become famous overnight, they owe their success to their diligent fan share and promoting videos for them without any benefits. If these fans start doing something for themselves probably they will already be as famous as the person they trying to support.

Out of the sudden someone who wants to get famous quick write a very meaningful countermeasure on the guru's article, this someone also become famous overnight. We call this attachment fame. He don't get his fame from the scratch but look out for opportunity that he probably is the subject matter expert. Of course there may be more agreements than disagreements he may have towards the guru's article, but if he go one direction he will just end up like one of his fans.

So if you want to become famous, start have a 2nd opinion on things. Please don't start with me because I am not famous yet.
No... I think not..
Thanks for the post.,.......
Thanks for sharing it.......!!!
Some times experts are disagree with there opinions...
But, if we check it it closely, we can see that the result will be remain same .....
They do that because they wanna come to limelight of the world...
Exactly Joseph.....
I will agree with you...

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