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Do Not Join Club & Society When You Are Not Ready
As a very small business owner, I joined a few prestigious clubs and societies and immediately regretted.

People who are inside have so many things to share with one another but not me.

The kind of level in there is too high and it often demoralise myself and make me lose motivations.

You can never find business in clubs or societies because they don't know you yet, even after they know you your business may be too little to support.

Establish your business first, build to a good extend before going to all these clubs and societies.
I was in Lions International thinking there are business opportunities. Ended up I paid thousands without getting back a single cent.
But, is it neccessary to join a club or society?
I mean without help of these I can do everything whatever I want....
So, Why someone needs to join a club or society?
For, social work only, Or for his business also?

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