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Do you get more business when you have a car?
As the question, anyone have experience whether car makes a different.

Is it true you can run more sales with a car? What if you have a car but not many appointments?

Does you client view you differently if you have a car?
Yes, yes and yes.

At least client know you are reliable - one call your be there quick enough. Your job is to solve your client's problem, the earlier you stronger your relationship with your client are.

Also many clients thought you are loser if you do not own a ride. If you cannot even afford a car, you are not doing your business right, if you are not doing your business right, please don't influence me
Yes, especially the upper class they do notice what you drive.

However if you want to keep them as your client, you shouldn't drive anything louder than theirs.
I don't think I have a different with or without a car. Most of the time I go to their office and they don't even know if I drive. I take Uber and Grab usually. Quite convenient and there is not much different in timing
I never had a car but I can tell you my business is fine.
Sometimes my client who drive a better car want me to fetch them instead. They want to save their petrol and thought that since I already paid them might as well make me pay for transport.
My business does not require travelling, just a static shop so no car is necessary.
I once believe you will get more woman when you have a nice car. I am wrong, so wrong.
Unless you are driving a sports car, anyone is driving now and it is nothing special to own a car.

Mess with the best, die like the rest.
I heard from someone never drive a car louder than your client, but later I found out that if you drive an impressive car, you will have more friends than you could imagine. Rich people like richer peopler and don't mind giving business to them just to make friend with them

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