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Do you guys go JB to pump petrol
Just wondering, how many of you still go in JB to pump petrol. No doubt it is way cheaper at the same time you can go in to eat and buy grocery, the jam is killing you though.

I know some good timing to enter is like after noon 2pm onwards to around 3.30pm. Exit at around 4.30pm to 5pm will be ideal.

As for late night, after 1am is good because a lot of cars like to enter after 10pm.

Soon Malaysia is going to implement their 20 ringgit VEP, this could affect their economy badly but improve ours.  Big Grin
The jam isn't worth it and I find the petrol quality is not so good.
I did. I fill my petrol tank to the brim. Usually my car can only go 650km with one full pump, filling it to the brim give me an additional 150km mileage. I don't mind the jam for these mileage.
I only going JB once a month not only to pump petrol but to buy as many groceries as possible. I will drive my SUV for bigger compartment. As long as I don't buy electronics, the custom officer usually have no problem with me

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