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Do you pay for more advertisement during the recession?

Recession will result in lower consumer price index (CPI) when the consumer slow down their purchase. Beside the necessities, unnecessary items will be their last priority when it come to buying.

It is the good advertisement that will remind the consumer why this is needed and how it will improve their lives and the situation.

If advertisement as the buying factor slow down during recession, they will completely lost their momentum and soon be forgotten. To re-ignite the fire will take much more resources than maintaining it.

In the past we do not need toilet paper to clean out ass. When toilet paper came out it has limited usage because its quality are designed for wiping your ass. There are not much application to it but people are so used to cleaning their ass with water, they take a lot of marketing effect to finally push it through.

Now there are handsfree toilet to replace the toilet paper but it is not yet in every household because the marketing has just started.

So how can handsfree benefit the public during recession?

We want a cleaner environment and ways to streamline our everyday routine. If we do not have to touch our ass and have a more efficient way to clean our ass, immediately we improve our health and reduce our worries. To improve our health, our hands and the toilet become cleaner and it will also save on any doctor fee. Reduce our worries when we have a clean ass it gives us more confident too.

So this is how we sell it and more importantly broadcasting it. What's the point of having a good advertisement but no one knows?
Yes... I've paid for that...
I've also faced this once...!!!
Yes ...Offcourse..

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