Poll: Do You Think The Bank is Happy About Cooling Measure
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Does Property Cooling Measure Affect the Bank?
Debate + banking = Debanking.

Two side of the story:

  1. Consumer stop buying houses, so the money is kept in the bank for bankers to utilise

  2. Bank primary income is through loan and the borrow dropped significantly since
What do you think?
Quite obvious actually. You standpoint is from the consumer, my standpoint is from the developers. Developers get a much bigger amount of loan from the bank and this will really affect them badly.
As far as I know, bank does not like property loan so much. The late payment effective interest rate is low. If someone default bank need to dispose that property and it will be troublesome for them.
I voted yes. Cooling measure does not only cool down property prices, it also cool down the market
We should have cooling measure betting. Whoever who guess the correct year cooling measure is lifted win. Win ratio drops as months pass. Who is in?
Obvious bro.
Subjectively. Everyone is not happy about cooling measure but is a necessary move. Banks may earn lesser than they used to, but they get to preserve their wealth and maintain their healthy debt ratio, which help to to continue to grow in this adverse environment.
Yeah. Its true that if property values cool, then market prices also cool down.....
I agree with you Albert.....

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