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Does Singapore Have Any Energy MLM Currently?
Hi there are a lot of healthcare and travel MLM, but is there any energy MLM? I am looking for marketing partners to launch solar energy MLM that can help you save electricity tariff from solar energy and earn money when you refer.
Looking for marketing partners to launch our first solar direct selling in Singapore.
Your country's energy tariff is too high to even have a profitable margin. Not recommended.
Energy MLM..!!!
Sounds good..
If it happens that would be profitable for any one ....
For the human being and also for the world.
Thanks for the post...!!!
Thats a good approach ....
Thinking about it...
But a solar system, then production of energy, then if it available for sharing afterwards income...
Isn't it a huge process for earn some money?
No there is none of energy MLM here ....
That means it is right time launch it.....
Energy MLM can never work in Singapore. We are so small with land constraint, if we have good energy alternative, we will be following Hong Kong but currently they do not have anything yet.

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