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Don't Bother to be a Skirt Chaser to your Insurance Agent or Bankers
There is a reason why many insurance agents and bankers are pretty, to tempt horny man like yourself.

What is a skirt chaser?

Def: a man who is aggressive in making amorous advances to women

In fact this is a man thing when it come to pretty woman, it is irresistible and we tend to fantasise a lot. Even when it is way out of our league, we will still maintain very creative imagination. Lets get back to topic because the kind of wildness may not fit in this page.

Just think about it, woman who is so pretty what makes you think you have the chance? She is talking to maybe 100 guys like you currently - all are her potential customers. Some points to bring you back to earth if you are sad that you get rejected by your pretty agent / bankers:
  • You are not rich enough, trust me when I say rich, these people have really seen rich man that you will not imagine
  • You are not handsome enough. Do not bring up the subject on the size of your pickle, no woman will want to explore your pickle unless you are worth something on the outside.
  • You are too clingy and is an obvious target, woman know how to make use of your eagerness to their advantages, just be careful
  • These are all undergrads and honours holder, they can outsmart you anytime
  • They won't be an agent / banker for no reason, they already know how harsh it will be, if they still take the challenge, you are of no challenge to them
  • If they sleep with you just like that, likely she just like to sleep around and you are the 12312511th guy who slept with her
  • There are agents / bankers who slept to get business, just imagine the premium you have to buy to earn that
  • Unless they are new in the market, they have seen people like yourself more than you have seen yourself in your lifetime
  • Whatever you are thinking they already probably know, except they know you still have a value for them
Face reality and make good purchase. Your need it, your future wife need it and the world need it. Do not let your bottom do the thinking and we will create equality from there.

Your life adviser,
Ban Joo
I just don't understand men, why do they get horny all the time.

Instead of being a skirt chaser, chase something that women wants and you will be chased by skirt instead.
They could have just go Metro and get some skirt instead of chasing after them right?
Just don't be a skirt chaser not only to the insurance agents, property agents and any lady
I can never be a skirt chaser, I cannot even take to female agents without my girlfriend's presence.
How about making yourself so rich and they chase you instead?

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