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Download 'Boost Your Productivity' eBook Now

[Image: 20161215152500-tradepub-1215.jpeg]

Why not use your next spare half an hour to improve yourself? Grab your free copy of “Boost Your Productivity” and get on track to doing what is important to you.
Addressing those painful work problems, and giving practical tools and expert advice to overcome them, the 30 Minute Reads series will make your work-life more productive, less painful and more successful.
Boost Your Productivity will help you:
  •         Identify the problem and what isn't working.

  •         Discover the "10 Big Strategies."

  •         Put in place your super-structured, super-easy, five-day count-down plan to no more pain.
Note from the author: The majority of the sections will start with the big idea and then explain how to address that challenge in more detail. We’ll also make sure your toughest questions are answered before the final summary. Everything in this book is tried and tested: it is both pragmatic and practical.
Grab your free copy today. (Offer expires 12/28/16)

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