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Economy is a Chain Reaction, Start From Yourself and Lets Rebuild the Economy
Recession is pretty much man made (duh), but what I meant here is also preventable.

Source of recession is usually a big company collapse, many investors lost money and their employees lost their job. Once the news strike, people slow down their buying and withdraw their investments even on areas that are not affected. Company start to panic and downside their operation. Basically is a monkey see monkey do situation.

Today however, since we have already been through several recessions and know the gist of it, we should be better at adopting it. When a company collapse, their employee can still be hired by other companies. There may be a slow down but the business owner should have faith it is just a short and temporary event. There are good employee that can be hired at affordable rate when they are out of job. Investors whom lost their money should slow down their spending depending on their financial situation, but not the public. It has nothing to do with us and the insurance companies should take care of a portion of their investment. Once slow down in consumption is no longer an issue, manufacturers and production house can continue what they are doing and improve the economy.

This has to stop and it starts from you and me. So come on people, start spending already!
What are you selling?

I am assuming you have a business that needs people to contribute? Tongue
15 years ago I was told not to talk Taxi by my mum because it is expensive. Then some uncle tell me this is how money roll, if you always keep with you and everyone does that, the economy will never grow you will always be there where you are. Sound logical now.
Thanks for sharing this..... Well said SAM.....
The thing which we'll earn in our life that commonly most important thing to us .....

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