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Europe Code flooring manufacturer
'3.15' logo certification "and other advertising words. Wang Chunmei purchased the price of Wu Yuanyang 8900 yuan of the European Code floor, and pay 4,500 yuan on the spot. 2006 CCTV "3.15" party on the "European Code floor," the false propaganda and fraud were focused on public exposure.
Europe Code flooring manufacturer for the Beijing Oude decorative materials limited liability company. The company for the profiteering, virtual German European Code Enterprise Group, Europe (China) limited liability company and its development history, the European Code (China) limited liability.
company and the "European Codex Enterprise Group" affiliation, the consumer Constitute misleading and fraudulent. The plaintiff learned the truth, refused to pay the next payment, and complaints to Gushi County Trade and Industry Bureau, but failed. The court held that the EU Code for the purpose of profit.
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