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Everyday Card - One Card to Rule Them All
[Image: posb_everyday_card.png]

What we looking here is the consecutive winner of people's choice credit card. Not to boast about this card but it has been the most friendly card I have ever used.

We cannot compare the privileges with Centurion card or fly benefits with the miles cards. We can however, compare the convenience with other cards that only require an annual income of $30,000.

You can view all their benefits, eligibility, participating merchants and many other details from Everyday Card official website. I am only going to show you what are some of the great help this card have brought me.

1. Credit card + ATM linked. Nothing much special as most of the cards have such connection. Everyone will need a POSB / DBS account in Singapore for the convenience of bill settlement and other government related transaction.

Having your credit card and ATM account(s) linked will save you wallet space, better cards management as well as misplacing your cards.

[Image: show_resize_image.jpg]

2. Ez-Link and auto-reload functions. This is optional for most drivers, but for someone staying beside the train station, you may find this pretty handy. Tapping a credit card on public transport is dope - especially after you activate auto-reload on your card, you can travel anywhere around Singapore with ease.

In line with the celebration of SG50, every Friday there is free travel for Everyday Card account holder and waiver of auto-reload fee (usual priced at $1.50). These benefit is auto enrolled, imagine how cool is that.

[Image: 4690033_orig.jpg]

3. Yes I drive too and there are a lot of cards also offer petrol discount and/or rebate. I prefer SPC as it is located just around the corner of where I stayed, the other reason is the savings of 20.1% of SPC petrol with Everyday card.

Usually every pump I will redeem the points in my card to further offset the petrol price, there is a way to calculate but may be too tedious to do so. Technically everywhere you spent using Everyday card, there may be a chance of rebate converted to points for your usage. I love it when I spent on places, and unknowingly redeem points able to even fully cover my petrol. This is awesome.

*A quick tip, pump petrol in the morning before sun is out will give you more mileage. The liquid petrol compressed over the night hence giving you more volume.

[Image: spc.jpg]

4. Master Paypass, this has caused a lot of security debate especially in the overseas where portable scanners are able to make transaction to your NFC cards outside your handbag. Not going to elaborate further as there are articles all over. Nevertheless, security and safety always start from you.

Another perk of where I stayed is where the NTUC Fairprice just opposite my home. I like their self-checkout counters like those in Ikea. Flash the card and off you go.

[Image: 4690033_orig.jpg]

These are just the 4 main areas I used my card for, there are much more benefits for sure but to me it solved my daily operations. Food, groceries, entertainment, travel, you name it. Highly recommended card, get one now if you can.
I have an everyday card too. Too bad their online purchase don't have cash back, otherwise it will be perfect.
I used samsung pay with everyday card. I kept my card at home Big Grin
(14-10-2016, 04:16 PM)Amin Wrote: I used samsung pay with everyday card. I kept my card at home Big Grin

SG not so advance yet =( You still got a lot of places without such facility
Sounds good.. but I don't have everyday card..
Could you tell me how I got a everyday card?
I got this card but the discount is so insignificant
I am still using this card. Very good service, you can call them for replacement anytime.

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