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Facebook Shares Is Predicted To Be Bad In 2017
[Image: screen%20shot%202016-12-23%20at%2072332%20am.png]

What do you guys think? Is it over for Facebook?

I think we’re about to find out.

Here’s how’s I see it:
Broken uptrends in Facebook and breaking down relative to Internet stocks. Now, if you want to talk about Facebook relative to tech, it’s another disaster. That’s not a chart I want to buy. Do you?
[Image: screen%20shot%202016-12-23%20at%2072346%20am.png]
Here’s Facebook on its own. I don’t care how you draw the trendlines, they’re all broken:
[Image: screen%20shot%202016-12-23%20at%2072358%20am.png]
What should we expect here? A miraculous comeback from an arbitrary level as it makes new lows relative to technology, new lows relative to the Internet Sector and breaking every possible uptrend line?

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