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Final Sprint + Bonus Time + Target Catch Up
Don't get alarm why out of sudden you receive so many phone calls from your banks or insurance agents. Every year after September they are in for their last quarter challenge which includes extra bonuses and to catch up their entire years' target.

To serious f*** them up, you can buy a policy from them and immediately terminate it within 14 days (the free loop period). This is a very good period implemented by the MAS if any customer were to regret what they purchased. For the fellow consumer, just take note on how these insurance agents treat you, if they suddenly change their attitude once they got their cheque, this is a good time to return the favour to them. Just Saying.

Anyway, if you receive any calls this year, try to drag till next year for a better proposition, whatever the financial people (including the bankers) are selling you now is good for their target and not for your sake. Till next year when the challenge is over, they may finally make time to service you. Stay safe and stay smart.

Your life adviser,
Ban Joo.
Every industry have their goals and target, when you are in a competitive environment, big boss uses such technique to eliminate the non performing ones and groom the better ones.

It is fair and sales is about thick skin, so as long as you did not opt out of any telemarketing call, you ought to receive cold call everywhere.

Do a DNC now.
I have been chasing my future bonus since I started working.
About 1 month left, these people will start to have holiday mood and you shall expect lesser calls.
I hear this word all over those financial people until so sian. Can you all don't take people's money as a form of challenge? Loser f***
I wonder what kind of life are they leading.

End quarter of the year rush like crazy, first quarter receive bonus and go for incentive trip. Come back start cold call again.

Definitely not that kind of life I am interested.
Less than 1 month. Good luck

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