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Finally We Got To Know Some Of CIA Secret After Trump Become President
[Image: JS118305557_AP_Central-Intelligence-Agen...5gj2sM.jpg]

Among the more unusual records include the CIA’s secret search for alien life, Uri Geller being 'recruited' by the agency and recipes for invisible ink.
The CIA has just released around 13 million pages of declassified documents online spanning from the 1940s to the 1990s – so what have we learnt?

Discussions about assassinating Fidel Castro, information on Nazi war criminals and Cold War surveillance are among the trove of documents released under the Freedom of Information Act after pressure from activists.
The searchable records have been made available online for the first time having previously been stored at the National Archives in Maryland.
[Image: Geller-drawing-3-xlarge_trans_NvBQzQNjv4...dgQfiA.jpg]

1. Uri Geller passed a psychic test
Spoonbender Uri Geller may have his sceptics, but the CIA were impressed by his psychic abilities after they tested his “clairvoyant” and “telepathic” abilities.

The US intelligence agency concluded he was a ‘convincing paranormal’ after secret experiments in 1973 which involved him successfully replicating the random drawings of an agent in a separate room.

“I did many things for the CIA,” Geller explained. “They wanted me to stand outside the Russian embassy in Mexico, and erase floppy discs being flown out by Russian agents.”
[Image: Geller-drawing-2-xlarge_trans_NvBQzQNjv4...dgQfiA.jpg]

2. The Stargate Project
The CIA was interested in the powers of Geller as part of the bizarre Stargate programme, a rather ambitious plan involving what the CIA called "remote viewing," and trying to recruit "psychic warriors".
[Image: survival-day-trending-5-large_trans_NvBQ...2jJnT8.JPG]

3. The CIA’s secret hunt for alien life
The CIA studied photographs of alleged sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOS).

One report featured an “unusual phenomenon” spotted on the Iranian / USSR border in June 1966, which lasted for around five minutes.

“We suddenly observed a brilliant white sphere approximating the colouration and intensity of [a] full bright moon,” the witness said.

“The sphere appeared suddenly and at the first sighting was approximately three times the size of a full moon.

“Toward the end of this period it became very faint and its enormous size seemed to fill the sky.”
[Image: giphy.gif]

4. The threat of UFOS

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