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Forex Training School is Not as Good as Them Seem
I went to a lot of training workshop and preview but have never sign up anyone before.

So far non of them actually do live trading, all they show is their previous records and it is obvious they only dare to show the good trades.

Just imagine if someone can do 10% (usually they claim to achieve higher results) a month, exponentially it take less slightly more than 4 years to turn 10k to 1m. And we only using 10% as a guage here. So many trading school claim to do more than 20% a month.

If they have 10 years of experience and with such result, shouldn't them continue to trade and concentrate on what they are doing? It is only those who does not receive consistent result and lousy trader held training. Big time trader actually get access to huge funds and they never once have the intention to teach. They teach you, you teach someone else, the market know you secret and it start to recorrect itself. You rather secretly make money and enjoy making money than share with the whole world what can be found from the Internet.

More than 90% of the people who attended the training does not have a good outcome. All the refresher courses are useless and their signals are bad.

Think again when you decide to sign up for these course. My post could save your pocket from opening a big hole.
You are bold to make statements like this. But it gives me some insight nevertheless.
Why learn to trade when you can get good people to trade for you?
I have never attend any training schools. Spent my time on YouTube is better than these scammers. I went to their workshop one and waste 2 hours of my life listening to things already available online and on YoutTube.
I rather learn online, is very good.

I really hate those nonsense trainers who claim so good and yet need to cheat people's money.
You never see stock training school right? That explains...
Like just all the trainers, economists, experts, etc.

If they are good they will be placed at the back making money, but since they are not, they have to take a separate role of making themselves useful.
Basically if someone who knows nothing about forex should go for the classes. It is not recommended for seasoned traders when they are better than the trainer

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